Call Blocking on iOS7

A quick guide to the new call and text blocking feature on Apple iOS7


When we first launched our Block'em for Android app, we received countless support requests from iPhone users asking why there was no Block'em app for iOS. The reason was that Apple policies did not allow 3rd party apps to interfere with the core Phone/SMS/Contacts services on iPhone. But now, with iOS7 Apple has finally added a call and text blocking feature which is easy to set up and requires no special app to be installed.

Setting Up Call/Text Blocking on iOS7

1. Tap on the Settings icon on your iPhone and scroll down until you can see the Phone, Messaging and Facetime options. Select on any of these and then tap on the "Blocked" option:


iOS7 Screen 1    iOS7 Screen 2


2. If you're doing this for the first time, you'll see an empty list of blocked contacts. To block someone in your contacts list, select "Add New" and then select a contact to block:


iOS7 Screen 3    iOS7 Screen 4


3. Once selected, that contact will be in your Blocked list and that's all you have to do to stop that contact from calling, texting or facetiming you:


iOS7 Screen 5

Can I Block ANY or ALL Unknown Callers?

Unlike our Block'em Android app, it's not possible to set up iOS7 to block calls and texts from people not in your contacts list. It may seem awkward that you have to list people you want to block in your contacts but Apple have their reasons for designing the blocking feature this way.

How Do I Unblock Blocked Contacts?

That's very simple. Just go back into your list of blocked callers as shown above, select a blocked contact and tap the "Unblock" button beside that contact.

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