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Who are we?

Block'em LLP is a social enterprise driven by a social purpose. Just like any other business, we compete to deliver goods and services with the key difference being that social purpose is at the very heart of what we do and our profits are reinvested towards achieving that purpose.

What we do

We develop apps for different mobile platforms that enable the phone user to Block unwanted calls and text/sms messages. Our simple to use and manage app "Block'em", is targeted principally for use by children but we expect adults to use the application to prevent nuisance and bullying calls/messages.

Partnering with us

Block'em sees many advantages in working with all interested parties and is always open to suggestion about how best to ensure the distribution of the app to those in need in particular vulnerable children. We believe strongly that the Block'em app is an invaluable weapon against cyber bullying or cyber stalking where the mobile phone has become the default device or mechanism through which the perpetuators of such activity conduct their trade in misery.

For the police, education authorities, government bodies and appropriate charities the very provision of this application, not only provides the protection so badly needed but will also deliver major cost savings and allow for valuable resources in time and money to be directed where they are needed.

For each individual it will provide immediate relief by removing the very real threat of intimidation.

As our partners, it will generate positive publicity, great PR and at the same time provide a very cost effective and efficient method in tacking this growing problem.

For charities, in addition to offering protection to the vulnerable children and adults they represent it provides an excellent mechanism for raising funds. For Block'em the advantage of working with charities will ensure that the app itself will be promoted heavily to those in greatest need and at the same time hopefully generate good journalistic cover for the charities work.

We are currently partnered with the NSPCC. Block'em LLP will donate 70% of its profits from the sale of this App (plus VAT where applicable) to the NSPCC (via the NSPCC Trading Company Limited, which gift aids all its taxable profits to NSPCC, registered UK charity numbers 216401 & SC 037717)

Press Releases

April 2011: Stop them with Block'em [PDF 119Kb]


In order to illustrate the real costs, problems and damages that cyber bullying causes we have prepared a poster which we encourage others to use.

Real Costs Poster download [PDF 258kb]

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