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What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber Bullying is when a child and in some cases adults are harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, threatened or tormented using digital technology. This is not limited to the Internet; cyber bullying is now principally conducted through text messages and threatening voice messages using mobile phones. Cyber bullying is often a systematic attempt to get an individual to feel bad about him or herself through electronic communication. It usually happens more than once, and includes leaving demeaning messages on someone's mobile, uploading embarrassing photos, or spreading gossip or rumours through instant messaging and text messaging. Sadly through a mobile device there are a variety of ways to humiliate and threaten children and adults. The damage is often psychological, and carries over into the real world, where the threats posed by cyber bullying are very real. There have been cases where cyber bullying has led to severe depression, self harm and even suicide.

Why it's in everyone's interest to put a stop to cyber bullying

Leaving aside the unquantifiable cost to individuals not to mention the potential emotional and psychological damage done there is a huge cost involved in providing the protection and support services required as a result of this demeaning activity. Very often it may involve our social services, Police, charity's, educational authorities and the mobile companies themselves, all of whom are required to spend valuable time and money repairing the damage.

We at Block'em believe that the simple act of installing our Apps on any victims phone will go a long way to putting an end to this practice allowing valuable resources to be directed to where they are needed most.

Preventing Unwanted Calls and Text Messages

Here are some sensible steps that you should take to try to stop unwanted calls and messages. When this fails you can always turn to your Block'em app to provide you with the protection you will need:

Are you experiencing cyber bullying?

If you think you are being bullied you can contact ChildLine, either online or by phone 0800 1111.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about the welfare of a child, please call the NSPCC HelpLine on 0808 800 5000 or text on 88858 or email

For more information

Just some of the organisations and charities that provide excellent advice and help on cyber bullying, amongst other services:

Becoming a Partner Organisation

Block'em sees many advantages in working with all interested parties and is always open to suggestion about how best to ensure the distribution of the app to those in need in particular vulnerable children.

If your organisation would like to partner with us to provision the Block'em App then please contact us through this site.

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